Club statement regarding coronavirus. 17/3/2020

As of today, Tuesday 17th March 2020, all official ORC club activity has been postponed until further notice. Your Jog leaders and co-leaders will be stood down until further notice.

The government is now advising that you avoid all but the most essential social contact. While not yet law, we expect advice over the coming days to become more restrictive.

Many of our members work in health & wellbeing with vulnerable patients and we see meeting as an unacceptable risk to our members, their families and those we work with (colleagues, clients and patients). Not to mention the risk our own families. You can be infected but not showing symptoms. We cannot, in good conscience, advise you meet just on the basis that you feel ok on the day of any run.

Current guidance suggests exercising solo is ok if you are outside and haven’t experienced any symptoms for more than a week – be aware that heavy training can lower the immune system though. Please don’t push it. Do not put yourself in danger. Choose your runs carefully. Avoid running in the dark. If you choose to run with others, then make sure there is a distance between you/your partner. Avoid Spitting, uncovered coughing, swapping of bottles and anything that could unknowingly pass on the virus.

Make no mistake, this decision is made with a heavy heart but a clear mind for all members. We are all aware of the severity of the situation we face and the need for these actions.

If parkrun continues, it is unlikely to (Update due Wed 18th), please think twice before attending until the situation improves. If you do, please arrive late and leave immediately after completing your run.

Awards Night – We’ll consider best course of action and communicate with you as soon as possible. C25K 2020 – you have all done so well. You will have your graduation ceremony and the medals you deserve. We are all so proud of you, but so sad that we cannot celebrate your achievement in typical ORC fashion. When the time is right we will re-ignite your achievement and recognise your success.

Speaking personally, I know the importance the club plays in people’s mental and physical wellbeing as much as anyone else. It breaks my heart to have to remove our club activity from your weekly schedules. For anyone who needs assistance please do speak to me, Simon or any of the committee. We will continue to do the best for our wonderful members. The Committee will be discussing ways for you to stay connected virtually, we encourage you to make use of Facebook and Messenger groups. We can refocus the club activity to help the local community during this time. This will be discussed, and more information will follow. Please do encourage family members, friends and other groups you might be a member of to do what they can to break the chains of transmission over the coming months. Keep it simple. Stay away. Unless you absolutely have no other choice.

If you want to ask me anything please email committee@orc.run or find me on Facebook/messenger.

Most importantly, please, do the right thing.

Justin Kirkham
Overseal Running Club

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