Who's who?

Contact us

You can email us at info@orc.run


The committe is made up of 11 members:

  • Chairperson: Justin Kirkham
  • Vice Chairperson/Membership: Emma Thompson
  • Treasurer: Simon Locker / Charlotte Locker
  • Secretaty: Hannah Lines
  • Welfare officer: Vickie Knight / Trudie Howman
  • Media: Mat Davies
  • Social: Julie Chamberlain / Alison Wright / Marie Kirkham

Jog Leaders

We also have some jog leaders

  • Steve Margetts
  • Jackie Bailey
  • Amanda Chandler
  • Julie Chamberlain
  • Melissa Howell
  • Simon Locker
  • Emma Thompson
  • Hannah Lines
  • Kirsty Martin
  • John Camp
  • Mat Davies
  • Justin Kirkham (coming soon!)
  • Plus Melissa and Dale who help out occasionally.

We’re always looking for new volunteers for Jog leaders and co-leaders. If you’re interested, drop us an email


And a few co-leaders

  • Sam Chapman
  • Susan Camp
  • Paul Fardon
  • Alison Wright
  • Mark Blackman