Christmas tournament 2017

Welcome to Overseal Running Club's Christmas tournament 2017

In the run up to Christmas 2017, ORC ran a special two week event instead of the usual points competition.

Here’s the rules (it’s a bit like every other tournament…)

Group stages

  • On Saturday 9th December, six groups of four will be drawn.
  • The group stages will run from Monday 11th December to Saturday 16th December.
  • Points will be scored according to the current rules.
  • The top two people from each group plus the next four highest scoring people overall will advance to the knockout stages.

Knockout stages

  • A series of two day head-to-heads, simply score more points than the other person to advance.
  • Current rules will be used, but the total from the last two days will be used in place of the last week.

Last 16 (17/18 December 2017)

  • R1: Winner of group A vs 1st Runner-Up
  • R2: Winner of group B vs 2nd Runner-Up
  • R3: Winner of group C vs 3rd Runner-Up
  • R4: Winner of group D vs 4th Runner-Up
  • R5: Winner of group E vs 2nd in group A
  • R6: Winner of group F vs 2nd in group B
  • R7: 2nd in group C vs 2nd in group F
  • R8: 2nd in group E vs 2nd in group D

Quarter finals (19/20 December 2017)

  • QF1: Winner of R1 vs Winner of R2
  • QF2: Winner of R3 vs Winner of R4
  • QF3: Winner of R5 vs Winner of R6
  • QF4: Winner of R7 vs Winner of R8

Semi-finals (21/22 December 2017)

  • SF1: Winner of QF1 vs Winner of QF2
  • SF2: Winner of QF3 vs Winner of QF4

Final (23/24 December 2017)

  • F1: Winner of SF1 vs Winner of SF2

If you’d rather not be included, please let Mat know via Facebook. Otherwise, good luck - Tim might get something special for the winner!